Make Your Own Bmx Bike

make your own bmx bike

    bmx bike
  • A BMX bike or BMX is the name of a popular bicycle which is used for both casual use and sport and is designed mainly for dirt and motocross cycling. "BMX" is the usual abbreviation for bicycle motocross.

  • brand: a recognizable kind; "there's a new brand of hero in the movies now"; "what make of car is that?"

  • give certain properties to something; "get someone mad"; "She made us look silly"; "He made a fool of himself at the meeting"; "Don't make this into a big deal"; "This invention will make you a millionaire"; "Make yourself clear"

  • The structure or composition of something

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  • The making of electrical contact

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fly free

fly free

photos/words published in an issue
of zwanzig roll a German BMX mag

words on the page...
I started jumping my BMX by building roadside fly outs with my brothers. The desire to fly on two wheels was our main motivator as inexperienced youngsters. This desire grew larger as time moved on and we wanted to fly higher. The only way to fly higher was to build bigger. With this in mind the emphasis on building increased as much as our desire to fly. Putting all else aside besides imagination, we began to create our ideas. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. As of this very moment I have spent more than half of my 25 years on earth building jumps in Michigan with my brothers and friends.
By staying and working with what felt natural, I have come to realize many important things from building. One of the most important being that nothing in life is
consistent. The only thing that remains consistent is change, especially when it comes to building trails. From riders to builders to spots to weather; the only way to keep going is
to adapt to what is put in front of you day after day and year after year.
As far as the idea of trails, there are no rules, regulations or guidelines to follow. There is no certain type of bike you must ride, jump you must build or shovel you must use. The choices are yours. I suggest you make up your own rules, your own way to ride and to steer high and far from following anything you have ever seen. The only thing to follow is your mind. Set yourself free from the illusion put in front of you and build from within. All the energy you will ever need lies within you!

Gain momentum…

Theodore Barrett Van Orman
Michigan, USA

The day after streetpainting, after the rain.

The day after streetpainting, after the rain.

Great Blue Heron back in the water.
BTW I saw this heron flying low up Smith Street a few days ago.
It was like seeing Batman or something.
I took the reference photo this Summer in the park.

Guess I had enough hair spray on it to hold it a bit.
Some years, they used to run the CVS 5K after streetpainting, on the same street.
So the runners would run over the pieces the next morning.
I always thought that might give them stress.

Last year in this skating rink, there were a bunch of BMX bike boys riding over the pieces.
They were shooed away, but I thought that if I were a BMX boy,
I would like to see the trail of color I could make
with the bike tires in pastel.

Part of the fun of these pieces is that they are temporary and fragile.
There were years that I saw cars parked on top of my piece, when it was on Exchange street.

Is it considered OPA when it is your own piece?

make your own bmx bike

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